Hi Orna and Matthew!

I really love reading your Love Notes. They are so inspiring.

I have one question regarding my soulmate. I have been trying to manifest my perfect soulmate for the past two years but haven’t found him so far. I have created a vision of him and I keep setting the intention that he will show up.

I am not sure what else I’m supposed to be doing. I hope that you can give me some advice to find my soulmate! I’m getting tired of waiting for him.


Dear Maddie,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We can hear your frustration in your email and we know that many women in our community feel the same way.

We are glad to see that you have created a vision of your soulmate and that you are setting intentions around meeting him. Intention can be a powerful tool when used correctly.

We are curious, what actions you are taking along with your vision and intention?

Are you just walking around in the world “intending” to meet him but not taking any specific action towards your goal?

Or are you doing everything you can to meet men who are looking for a relationship?

Intention and visualization are powerful tools, but they must be followed up with ACTIONS.

Manifestation requires action without attachment. Our friend Chellie Campbell who has written several books on wealth and mindset talks about sending out ships. In the past, a merchant wouldn’t just send out one ship and then wait at the dock for it to return with treasure. He would send out several ships, knowing that some might sink or be captured by pirates. The more ships you send out the better chances that treasure will return.

Start sending out as many ships (meeting new men whether online or off) and releasing any attachment to which ones will return with gold.

We are also curious what you mean by your “perfect soulmate.” Does this mean that he needs to perfectly fit your criteria? Or maybe you mean that he is perfect for you?

However you intended it, we know that searching for perfection is only going to bring you frustration and heartache. The person you are looking for is a fully formed human being who has beliefs, values, habits, and behaviors that you cannot control. And while he may come in a package that you find attractive (appearance, career, lifestyle, etc.) you still are dealing with who he is underneath that outer wrapping.

We find that many women are searching for a unicorn – a man so rare that only one of him exists. The truth is, a good man is not a unicorn. There are plenty of men who share your values that you will find attractive. The key is to be open to meeting them and taking action to meet as many men as you can to go on a lot of dates.

Notice if you are rejecting possible dates (whether online or offline) because you are looking to eliminate a man before you get to know him. Are you looking for reasons to say no because he doesn’t fit the picture you have in your mind of your soulmate? Or are you looking for reasons to say yes to a date, staying open to what you can discover by getting to know who this person is?

Dating is a numbers game. The more dates you go on, the more opportunity you have to meet your soulmate. You won’t discover your soulmate through his online profile. You will connect with him when you approach dating with an open and curious attitude.

Start making these adjustments to your dating and let us know how your results change.

There may also be a deeper issue going on that is blocking you from meeting your soulmate. When your desires are out of alignment with your subconscious beliefs then no matter what actions you take you will struggle to find lasting love.

Our program, Your Soulmate Blueprint®, is designed to guide you to discover what these blocks are and to give you a blueprint for manifesting your soulmate. When your subconscious mind is in alignment with your conscious desires then manifestation becomes easy!

You can read more about how Your Soulmate Blueprint® puts your search on hyper-speed here: www.YourSoulmateBlueprint.com

We are here to be your guides to love.

Love and Abundance,

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