When A Man Falls In Love, How Does He Show It?

One of the most common questions women ask us is about a man in love. It seems that many women are unsure how a man feels about them. They ask us, “When a man falls in love, how does he show it?”

Do you find yourself looking for subtle clues or hidden signs of love and hoping that he is ready to step up and claim you?

Do you go exclusive with a man because he seems interested, only to find out that he wasn’t emotionally available for a relationship, and you constantly feel like he is on/off or hot/cold with you?

If you find yourself asking, “Where is this going?” it’s likely the guy you’re dating is not ready for a commitment, and no hints, conversations, or ultimatums will change that.

When a man falls in love it is not subtle or mysterious. It’s time to stop wondering when or if he is going to make his move to claim you. Instead, relax back into your feminine energy (which is receptive) and allow him come to you.

So if you want to know what signs to look for that let you know a guy is falling for you and is ready for a commitment continue reading.

Here are 5 telltale signs that your guy is falling in love with you:

  1. He Wants To Win Your Heart

When a man falls in love, he will be curious about you. He’ll want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and he’ll do what it takes to win you over. He will want to win your heart.

One of our clients we set up on a dating app met a guy she really liked. After a while, she started to consider going exclusive with him. One day while talking on the phone, she happened to mention that she needed to add air to her car’s tires but she wasn’t sure how to use the new air hose at the gas station.

He immediately offered to drive to her place with his air compressor and fill her tires (even though he lived 45 minutes away). She told him she had planned to go for a hike and didn’t know when she’d be home. He offered to drive over, fill her tires with air, and go hiking together and make a day of it.

He was doing whatever he could to win her heart. They’ve now been dating exclusively for over a year and are discussing spending their lives together.

  1. He Pursues You For A Relationship

When a man falls in love he is no longer interested in dabbling, he wants a relationship and he will pursue you to make it happen.

There are plenty of men who like the convenience and intimacy of dating someone exclusively but are not really ready to commit more deeply. These men will let you do all the heavy lifting, like making the plans and initiating a date. They’ll go along with the efforts that you put in, but rarely reciprocate. If they do initiate a date it will be at the last minute.

We had a client in London who started Dating to Discover™ with several different men and there was one man who stood out from all the rest. He would ask her what kind of music she liked and then get tickets for a concert of one of her favorite bands. He would talk about a trip he would like to take with her 6 months in the future.

He was clearly showing her that he wanted a relationship with her, not just companionship. He was pursuing her and moving things forward in a way that made it obvious that he wanted a relationship with her.

They have taken several international trips together, are recently engaged, and planning the rest of their lives together!

When a man falls in love he will make it obvious by initiating the plans to see you, following up the day after a date to see how you are doing, and he will want to take you off the market.

  1. He Will Be Willing To Overcome Obstacles To Be With You

If a man disappears because it’s not easy or convenient to see you, then he wasn’t that into you in the first place.

When a man falls in love he will want to be your hero.

A client of ours discovered through our work together that she wanted to be with a man who took charge and clearly showed that he cared about her. One guy she was dating suggested they meet in the city center to go dancing and she lived out in the suburbs.

She requested that he pick her up at her place. It turns out he didn’t have a car, so he took a taxi out to her place, honoring her request to pick her up for the date. He then got a taxi to take them back to her place at the end of the date, and once again another taxi to take him home.

This certainly wasn’t convenient for him, and he showed her with all the effort he made that she was important to him and that he was willing to do what it takes to fulfill her request.

It would have been easy for this guy to think our client was too high maintenance or too much trouble to date. He could’ve found someone who was easier or less particular. Instead he found a way to show her that what she wanted was important to him and that he cared enough about her to find a way to deliver on her request.

This couple just got engaged last month and are planning a wedding for the end of the summer. Their love has grown deeper and deeper over time and he still goes above and beyond to overcome obstacles together.

Men value what they have to work for. Don’t make it easy for him. Give him a challenge to overcome and if he steps up to please you, you’ll know you have a keeper.

  1. He’s Willing To Wait For You

When a man falls in love he’ll want to claim you and take you off the market, but he’s willing to wait if you are not ready.

Most men who have been married before enjoy the habit of an exclusive relationship. They feel comfortable when they are in a monogamous relationship with a woman. This does not mean that they are falling in love though.

A man who is falling for you will wait until you are ready to go exclusive.

One client who has never been married wasn’t sure how to navigate dating more than one man at a time. Her lifelong dating strategy had always been to go exclusive as soon as the guy would ask. Then she met a widower who requested exclusivity on their second date. He proclaimed that she was everything he was looking for!

She told us that she worried it was too soon, but also didn’t want to lose him as she really liked him. We guided her to come up with the words to express herself authentically. To share with him that she was not ready to go exclusive yet, but that she would like to keep seeing him.

He continued to date her for 3 months while she also dated different men and they got to know each other. This courtship served their relationship well, as they discovered little idiosyncrasies about one another. Eventually, they did commit to one another and are still sharing their lives together to this day.

If a man isn’t willing to wait for you, then he is not the right man for you. When a man falls in love, he’ll wait until you’re ready for sex and exclusivity.

  1. He Wants To Give You Something No Other Man Can

Men are wired to provide. It’s what makes them feel useful in their relationships. When a man falls in love, he’ll want to give you something no other man can. Knowing he can provide something for you allows him to thrive in your relationship.

A particular client of ours was convinced that no man would be supportive of her business because it required a lot of travel away from home. Both her ex-husband and her former fiancé pressured her to work less and spend more time at home.

In those relationships, she constantly felt torn between a career that really fulfilled her, and sharing her life with a partner.

She is now engaged to a man who is supportive of her business goals and does everything he can to make sure she takes care of herself while she travels. He gives her the space to do what she needs to do to succeed in a competitive field and also provides a supportive home for her to return to.

With her fiancé by her side, she can finally reach some lofty goals that she used to only dream of achieving on her own.

How would your life be different with the support of a partner by your side?

When a man falls in love he will show you his intentions with you through his actions. He won’t be subtle. There won’t be any mystery about how he feels about you. It will downright obvious that he wants to be with you.

Are you tired of dating inscrutable men who leave you constantly guessing and feeling insecure in your relationship? Would you like to know how to identify a man who is really ready for a committed relationship and won’t disappear at the first bump in the road?

Take the first step toward creating the lasting love you desire and book a complimentary Discovery Call with us. We help women break their negative patterns in relationship so they can get the love they want.

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