Does He Truly Love You? How To Know He Loves You Enough To Create A Soul Connection

Do you wonder if he truly loves you or if you’re wasting your time with a guy who isn’t ready to commit? Are you waiting for a clear sign that he’s falling for you so you can relax and give your heart to him? Or maybe you’re looking for subtle signs that he really loves you while accepting his crumbs of affection.

Wondering how to know he loves you? Stop looking for hidden signs or big romantic gestures, and instead let his actions tell you his feelings for you. When a man truly loves you it won’t be a mystery, it’ll be obvious and you’ll know that a soul connection is possible.

So instead of spending all your energy looking for the hidden signs that your guy is ready for next-level love, relax and trust that it’ll be clear to you what his intentions are by his actions.

Show Up Authentically So He Truly Loves You (Not The Idea Of You)

If you Google “How to Get A Man To Marry You” you’ll get over 22 million results with titles like:

“How to Get a Man to Marry You: 10 Steps to Get that Sparkler”

“15 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Propose”

“50 Things That Make A Man Want To Marry You”

Have you bought into the idea that men need to be convinced or coerced into making a commitment? Do you believe that men are only looking for sex and it’s up to you to catch him and keep him?

These limiting beliefs can motivate you to be inauthentic and pretend you’re into the same hobbies he is, or that you really like watching football, or that it’s fascinating when he explains the plot of the latest Martin Scorsese film.

Maybe you’ve been trained to keep your desires for a long-term relationship to yourself so you don’t scare him away like he’s a skittish woodland creature. That you’ll somehow get the commitment you want by keeping things casual, patiently waiting for him to finally step up and claim you.

Or perhaps your strategy is to go along to get along. That it’s better to ignore your differences, swallow your feelings, and be accommodating at all costs. You secretly hope he intuits your needs and wants without you having to speak up.

The idea that it’s “meant to be” if it works out, and it’s also “meant to be” if doesn’t is maddening, right? That’s because you’ve been indoctrinated into believing in Love By Accident.

If you spend the dating process avoiding conflict you’ll never meet your ideal match. If he truly loves you he’ll want to know what makes you happy. You’ll want to know how he behaves when you two hit a bump in the road.

Want to know if he really loves you? Be authentic and give him the opportunity to love you for who you really are, not who you’ve presented yourself to be. Sharing your life with someone will have ups as well as downs and you’ll want to know that you two can weather the storms together.

How To Know He Loves You? 9 Signs That Reveal He Really Loves You

  1. He’s Pursuing You For A Relationship

If you’re putting all the effort into setting up dates and moving the relationship forward, you’ll never know if he really loves you. If he likes you but isn’t ready for a commitment, he’ll let you do all the heavy lifting. If he’s just following your lead that means he’s not looking for a serious relationship, instead he wants companionship (and some physical intimacy) without much effort.

To find out if he truly loves you, stop making things so easy for him. Don’t move the relationship forward, lean back and see if he steps up his efforts to see you. When a man is ready for a relationship, he’ll go on a mission to find his woman. His intentions will be obvious, and he won’t be subtle about wanting to share his life with you.

He’ll call or text you regularly and ask you out in advance, even going out of his way if he has to. His words and his actions will be aligned and you’ll never have to have the talk and ask him, “Where is this going?”

A man who truly loves you will do what it takes to get a commitment from you and take you off the market. He’ll make a clear request for exclusivity and include you in every part of his life including introducing you to his friends and family.

Embrace your feminine energy not by being passive (that’s not feminine) but by responding to him. Let him know your dreams and goals for the future so he can see if you’re The One for him. You won’t have to wonder if he truly loves you because it will be clear as day.

  1. He Wants To Please You

A man who truly loves you will want to know how to please you. He’ll be paying attention to what you say, what you like and dislike, and he’ll take note of things you’ve mentioned in passing, like your favorite wine, hobbies you enjoy, and the type of music you like.

Don’t want to be asked out on a date with a text message? Let him know that you prefer he calls you for a date, and if he truly loves you he’ll make best efforts to make you happy. This is instinctual behavior for a man who wants a long-term relationship, he’ll want to win your heart.

Your happiness is important to him. He wants to know that he’s the one that can make you happier (not another man). His desire to please you comes from knowing that your joy will also bring him more joy.

Here’s how to know he loves you — let him know how he can please you and observe his response. Does he make an effort to fulfill your request? Or does he argue with you and make little effort to comply with your query? His response will tell you if he’s serious about you.

  1. He’s Planning His Future With You

Making plans for the future with you is a sure way to know that a man truly loves you. If the man you’re dating is talking about taking you to a concert three months from now or is planning a trip for the two of you, then he clearly sees a future with you. Is he asking you about taking time off so you can go away together in advance? Then you can bet that he’s interested in a long-term relationship.

Some men like to keep things loose and flexible, playing it day by day with no plan moving forward and keeping the relationship in the gray. This behavior indicates he’s not seeing a future with you he’s just looking to get his immediate needs met. If he’s reaching out last minute, you may want to take a closer look at his behavior because rather than spontaneity it may mean he is looking for something convenient — not long-term.

How to know he loves you? When he makes plans for the two of you, he’s letting you know that he’s invested in a future with you.

  1. He’s Willing To Wait For You

When a man really loves you, he’ll want to make sure you’re not seeing other people. He’ll ask for exclusivity and take you off the market as soon as he can.

When he wants to claim you right away, you don’t have to jump at the opportunity, you can delay exclusivity. This ensures that he wants a relationship with YOU rather than just anyone. The right man for you will be patient and will honor your timeline and the requests that you make.

You can see his intentions clearly if you delay sex until there’s exclusivity.  A man who’s interested in a long-term relationship with you will honor your request to delay physical intimacy as long as he knows you’re interested in him and simply not ready to take that step yet.

If you’re constantly wondering what his intentions are and whether he’s the man for you, then it’s time to take a step back and see if he steps forward to claim you. A man who really wants to be with you will make sure that no other man will get there before him.

  1. He Doesn’t Need You To Change

If he’s asking you to behave differently or to change your appearance for him, then he’s trying to fit you into a vision of what he wants and isn’t necessarily seeing the real authentic you. Is he uncomfortable with the way you handle conflict with other people in your life? Does he complain about how you communicate with your family?

A man who truly loves you won’t ask you to change, he’ll love you as you are. If you want to be loved for who you really are have the courage to show up fully, because it’s better to find out ASAP that the two of you are not a match.

You don’t have to hide behind some mask of perfection. As a human being, you’re perfectly imperfect and your beloved will accept all the parts of you – the good, bad, and the ugly. He’ll know that you’re better together rather than apart.

It’s better to know early on that he can’t take the heat of your bright light. Shine your authentic self brightly every step of the way and you’ll find that the right man will not only stick around, but he’ll also be the man you can depend on as sure as you know the sun will rise tomorrow.

You can trust that he really loves you when he isn’t constantly expecting you to change. Instead, he’s excited to be with you because he’s fallen for the real authentic you.

  1. He’s Willing To Work Through Your Differences

Many women shy away from conflict (especially early in the dating process) because they don’t want to scare a man away. They bite their tongue so they can appear easygoing and go with the flow.

For a long-term relationship, it’s important to know if the two of you can navigate conflict together. When you shy away from conflict you’ll never find out if he truly loves you. Unspoken differences can build up negative emotions inside of you until you can’t hold them any longer. You can end up exploding like a volcano when there’s a tiny disagreement and your reaction will seem out of proportion to the event.

Unresolved conflicts can create an emotional distance between you and a man who truly loves you. Couples grow apart over time because they stop communicating about their differences.

When you’re willing to speak up and risk, you’ll discover if he truly loves you or not. Conflict doesn’t have to end a relationship; it can also be a doorway to creating a deeper connection.

Here’s how to know he loves you — he’s willing to work through your differences so you can grow closer together. He won’t see conflict as a sign you’re not compatible, instead, he’ll see it as an opportunity to discover your wants and needs.

  1. He Makes You Feel Safe

A man who truly loves you doesn’t leave you feeling insecure or like you can’t do anything right. He’ll be a grounding force in your life, and you’ll feel safe and comfortable with him. He’ll want you to share your feelings and create emotional intimacy with you.

You can trust that he has your best interests at heart and that he won’t try to control or manipulate you. When a man really loves you, he wants to protect you and be your “hero.” He’ll be a safe haven for you.

A guy who pressures you into doing things you aren’t comfortable with, who argues with you about your feelings, or who cuts you off from your friends and family doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t waste your time if you don’t feel safe and supported by him.

  1. He’s Vulnerable And Transparent With You

Emotional intimacy is the bond that keeps a couple together over time. A man who really loves you is capable of being open and vulnerable. He wants you to see his authentic self.

A man who’s falling in love will share how he feels and be transparent about who he is and what he’s doing. He won’t hide things from you or keep secrets.  He’ll want to know he can trust you with his heart.

Here’s how to know he loves you — he’s opening his heart to you and sharing the challenges he’s faced. He’ll want you to see all the parts of him and he’ll want to know you accept him as is without needing him to change.

  1. He Loves The Parts Of You That Others Left You For

Are you tired of being told you’re opinionated or too strong? Frustrated that your kindness is seen as a weakness? Or are you sick of being told that your ambition has to take a back seat to his?

The right man will see your intensity as passion. He’ll see your determination and tenacity as a positive. He’ll treasure your authenticity because he won’t have to wonder about your state of mind.

A man who truly loves you will see your unique personality as the exact thing he’s looking for. Instead of making assumptions about what he may or may not want, or like about you simply express what you think and feel. He’ll find those parts of you that others have criticized you for the most loveable.

Stop searching for the secret hidden meaning in a man’s behavior. If you aren’t sure what he wants, then he probably doesn’t know either. Trying to convince him to step up and claim you will only leave you exhausted and cynical about true love.

Relax and let a man pursue you. He’ll reveal his intentions and take action to drive the relationship forward. You’ll never have to wonder if he really loves you. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to be cherished by a man.

Are you tired of questioning whether he truly loves you or not? Confused about how to know he loves you and looking for some clarity? Join us for a complimentary Soulmate Strategy Session and we can help you find the clarity you need and share the steps to create the soul connection you desire.

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