Do Dating Coaches Really Work? 6 Date Coaching Case Studies That Ended In Happily Ever After

“Dear Orna and Matthew,

Do dating coaches really work? I am about to turn 40, single, never married. I always thought that I’d just meet the right person and we’d figure it together, but so far that hasn’t happened for me. Lately, I have become curious about dating coaches and life coaches. No one I know has ever hired someone to help them in this way so I’m a bit skeptical. (Maybe my friends haven’t shared with me that they have… that’s certainly a possibility.)

How do I know if I need a dating coach? I rather like that you two call yourselves soulmate coaches because I want a spiritual partnership. If I ever get married, I want to make sure it lasts.

I hope you’ll answer my question, I’ve been reading your blog every week I find the topics you cover fascinating.

Thank you!”


Hi Amber,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We may be biased when asked do dating coaches really work. We’ve devoted our lives to being guides to long-lasting love for our clients and we find it incredibly rewarding.

After a boyfriend tried to kill her, Orna set out on a quest to discover how she chose someone who could be violent like that. Over a decade later she met Matthew. Together we’ve been helping singles identify and transform their subconscious blocks to love.

There are literally thousands of people who have created their true soul partnership because of our work. Our in-box regularly receives photos of weddings, engagements, baby births, and children growing older. Receiving these emails fills us with more joy than we can express.

Our clients transformed their love lives because they realized that the strategies they were using to find lasting love didn’t work and that they needed help from an expert. Dating is not something you’re born knowing how to do. The common approach to dating comes out of the changes in society over the last 130 years. Dating exists today because people no longer stay in the same village or town and marry someone they’ve known their whole lives or a person selected by their parents.

Dating is the ideal tool for finding an ideal match for long-lasting love. But a tool is only as effective as the person using it. If you don’t have good dating strategies, then a dating coach can be just the thing you need to turn your love life around.

And if you’re looking for a dating coach, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Is Your Dating Coach In A Relationship?

A dating coach who’s single may be up on the latest trends, but they haven’t figured out the real issue. Dating is a means to an end, it’s not the goal. Your coach should have the success you desire. This is true for coaches in every area. Professional athletes hire other professional athletes as they have walked in their shoes.

  1. What Training/Experience is Required for a Dating Coach?

A dating coach that regurgitates what they learned from their dating coach is suspect. When selecting a dating coach look for someone that has their own system for garnering results for their clients. Life coach training, a background as a therapist or other type of healer, or real-life experience are all training that can be advantageous. It also helps if your dating coach has skills, and they speak about their past experiences as well as solved their own dating struggles to better understand yours. Do make sure you know their real name, not some fake persona online (and their partner’s name should be easy to find too).

  1. Does Your Dating Coach Have A Track Record Of Success?

This is probably the most important question because helping you connect with your soulmate is the goal. If your dating coach can’t show you a track record of success, then you should be suspicious of their methods.

Do dating coaches really work? We’d like to share with you a few stories of the success we’ve seen with our clients. These are real stories from real people. We’ve changed their names and a few of their personal details to protect their privacy. Most of our clients don’t want people to know they hired a dating coach. We only publicly share photos and video from clients who have given us permission to do so.

Do Dating Coaches Really Work? 6 Case Studies That Ended In Happily Ever After

  1. “There’s No One In My Area To Date!”

We recently connected with a past client, her husband, and their 8-year-old son. It was so great to see their happy family, and it was easy to forget how heartbroken and frustrated Sarah was when we first spoke.

She lives in a rural town in the South and just couldn’t find anyone to connect with. She also had a strong aversion to online dating. The problem was there just weren’t many opportunities for Sarah to meet men who were single, dating, and shared her interests. She would meet men, but they either weren’t available or weren’t interested.

It took a big mindset shift for Sarah and all of our support for her to sign up for a dating app. We assured her that with us by her side that she’d have a different experience this time. She ended up married to the second man that reached out to her on the app! These two people would not have met by happenstance. He lived 60 miles away and rarely, if ever, traveled to hear part of the state.

Sarah took a leap of faith to hire a dating coach, the key to her success was her commitment to embrace all the tools and new strategies we gave her as well as the courage to step out of her comfort zone. She put in a considerable amount of time to learn to love on purpose!

Do dating really coaches really work? Only if you’re willing to let go of your resistance and limiting beliefs attached to your current dating strategies.

  1. “I Don’t Get Support From The Men In My Life.”

Our client, Julie, has a very successful business. Very few people in her industry can boast of the success she has achieved. The problem was the men she was attracted to wanted her to give up her business and dedicate her life to them. They constantly told her she didn’t have to work at all.

After ending her engagement Julie reached out to us because her fiancée insisted that she stop working so hard. Her pattern of dating narcissistic and selfish men was staring her in the face and she realized she needed help from an expert to break that pattern.

We helped her discover the childhood wounds that sparked her attraction to these selfish guys. After guiding her through a profound healing process, we coached her on how to speak her feelings and make requests of the men she was dating. The way they responded to her requests would give her insight into whether they could support her ambitions instead of competing with her.

Julie dated several guys through the duration of our coaching program and one of these men stood out from the rest. He was very different than all of her other relationships. As they got more serious, he traveled with her to a business conference. He made it his duty to make sure that she ate healthy food and took care of herself throughout the symposium.

She finally felt loved and supported by the man she was dating. It was like a big sigh of relief for her to realize that she could actually have the love and support she’d always longed for.

We spoke with them a several years ago on the day of their wedding. It was so gratifying to see how happy and excited they were about the future they were creating together. Today they’re happier than ever and she loves being a step-mom to his children.

Do dating coaches really work? They do when you’re ready to let go of your childhood wounds and discover a new way to feel loved.

  1. “Love Doesn’t Feel Safe.”

Diana was a very successful, independent woman who was about to turn 60 years old and had never been married when she reached out to us. She’s smart, and articulate, and had done a lot of work on herself, but lasting love had been elusive for her.

She shared with us how growing up her father was very hard on her and her mother. Her two younger brothers got the benefit of the doubt, but she never did. Even though she took over the family business when her father retired, she was always in a power struggle with her brothers.

Being the oldest she took responsibility for everyone in her family to get along. She had cast herself in the role of peacekeeper in her family of origin and created a habit of self-sacrifice.

Ultimately, she didn’t feel safe with most of the men in her life and found it difficult to trust anyone else to look out for her interests. As an independent, successful woman she found it difficult to open her heart to a man.

Before Diana was ready to start dating, she needed to clean up some of her personal relationships. We supported her in setting clear boundaries with her brothers, and pushed some toxic friends out of her inner circle. Then with our communication template she started speaking up for herself, making requests, and asking for what she needed.

When she started dating with our guidance, one man stood out for her, and he was ready to go exclusive right away. We told her to embrace Slow Love so that she could discover who he was and what his intentions were. They started dating exclusively on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! One year later they purchased a home together and the next year they were married.

When we last spoke with her, she shared that she couldn’t have imagined going through quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic without his love and support. We recently heard from Julie, she and her beloved got a new puppy and she wanted to share the photos with us.

Do dating coaches really work? They do when you are ready to face your fears and ask for what you really want.

  1. “I’m Afraid I’m Doing It Wrong!”

When Isabel reached out to us, she was recently divorced and was having trouble with her 6-year-old son. He was acting out and would fight with her whenever she asked him to do anything. Being a single mother with a young son, she wasn’t sure how dating would go or even if she would be able to make the time.

Fortunately, she had a good relationship with her ex-husband, and he was co-parenting with her. She had moved to a foreign country when they married and even though she was fluent in several languages, she wasn’t making any meaningful connections with the local men she was meeting.

On her coaching calls, she would spend a lot of time explaining all the details of her dates, and when we asked her to keep the plot points brief and more to the point she became very upset. She had a sudden realization that she was sharing all the details so that we could tell her that her behavior was okay. That she wasn’t doing everything wrong.

She realized she’d been blaming herself for the failure of her marriage. We also discovered that she was working hard on all her dates to keep the men entertained, even when she wasn’t interested in a relationship with them.

From that moment on, things changed quickly for her. She relaxed and allowed men to pursue her instead of the other way around. She allowed herself to be treated like she was the prize.

She’s now married to a wonderful man who pursued her for a relationship from the start. They regularly check in with us about their life together and how much their love has grown.

Do dating coaches really work? They do when you stop trying to take care of everyone else and decide to love yourself no matter what.

  1. “I’m Too Old For Love.”

Ethel joined one of our high-level group programs at the age of 77. She didn’t believe that she would be able to find love at her age, but being an eternal optimist, she was willing to give it a try.

She had a very rough childhood and a difficult relationship with her mother. Her marriage was tumultuous, and she was estranged from her adult daughter. She had overcome a lot to get to where she was, but the scars were deep.

However, Ethel was always open and willing to look at her past and release any anger and resentment she felt about what had happened. Despite her age, she was healthy, active, and had more energy than most people 30 years younger.

It didn’t take long for her to meet someone, and it seemed like a good connection. But ultimately, he couldn’t keep up with her physically and emotionally. She used this experience to give her hope that she could find the love she wanted.

Ethel has now spent the last several years with a sweet man who adores her and joins her on her adventures. They love to travel together, and through the past year, they spent more quiet time at home.

Do dating coaches really work? If you’re willing to keep hope alive no matter your age or circumstances, then you can absolutely create the love you want.

  1. “I’m Too Broken. No One Will Love Me.”

When Megan agreed to work with us, she was brokenhearted because the man she was pining for had found someone else. She had convinced herself that what they had was special when he just saw her as a friend he could confide in.

Megan grew up without a father and a narcissistic mother who she could never please. She had learned early on that she had to work hard to get anyone to notice her or give her the affection she desired. This led to her regularly sacrificing her needs trying to earn the love she wanted.

Her latest heartbreak was just the most recent example.

Through dating coaching with us, Megan’s confidence grew quickly and she was able to heal her heart and get out of the dead-end situation she’d been stuck in. She realized that she could have standards and set boundaries and she broke the lifelong habit of self-sacrifice.

Her true soul partnership didn’t occur at breakneck speed because Megan needed to discover how to make her own needs a priority before she could show someone else how to love her. Megan is still a bit surprised that making her needs a priority was the secret to finding the love of her life.

Do dating coaches really work? When you realize that you can give new meaning to past events and embrace your worthiness you can create miracles.

What Is Stopping You From Taking That Leap?

The fact that you’re reading this tells us that you’re looking for help. You probably realize that your love life isn’t going to suddenly change one day. You don’t have to leave your love life to chance, like buying a lottery ticket.

Love doesn’t discriminate. No matter your circumstances you can create the lasting love you desire. Love hasn’t passed you by.

Having an expert to support you to create new strategies and update your communication skills is a benefit in every area of your life.

The single most important decision you’ll ever make is who you’ll share your life with.

We’ve been helping singles for nearly two decades break free from their hidden blocks to lasting love so they can share their lives with a beloved partner. Whatever your situation, we can craft a personal program just for you. Sign up for a complimentary Soulmate Strategy Session and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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