This week’s question comes from Kate:

Hi Orna and Matthew,

I am reaching out to you because I love how you give straight up answers every single week to all the people who write to you. I really think you give the best dating advice for people who want soul level love, like me!

I really want an authentic connection with someone who really gets me, and yet that is not at all what I find out in the world. I’ve been divorced and dating for the last 5 years and it seems like I end up with guys who show up at the beginning and then they just disappear, or they tell me they’re not looking for a relationship. I’m feeling really frustrated with dating in general and I just want to find my guy.

At 47 years old I am clear on what I don’t want (my ex never seemed to care about me and what I wanted and I ended up feeling resentful and frustrated all the time) and yet that seems to be all I find out in the world. It seems I always end up disappointed, let down, and truly heartbroken.

How do I recreate my love life so I can have a happy, healthy relationship and share my life with a man I adore?

Feeling hopeless.”

Hi Kate,

Thanks for reaching out to us and for all your positive feedback. We value you as part of our Love On Purpose™ community.

We hope it’s okay with you if we dig a bit deeper with you as it seems you’ve been reading our newsletter for a while.

What you’re asking for is something that requires a commitment from you.

It won’t happen by watching a free webinar.

It won’t happen by reading a book.

It won’t happen when you magically meet the “right” person.

It won’t happen when the stars align just right based on your astrological chart.

The greatest force here on planet earth is your Free Will.

The kind of transformation you are looking requires you to hire a mentor.

That is about as straight as we can give it to you.

You are in the fishbowl of your own life.

It’s like the Einstein quote, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

If you have limiting beliefs about what is possible for you in love – you will need to release those beliefs for anything to change.

Sure, there are plenty of free webinars that will give you great insights, however, the insight itself is just like getting in the driver’s seat of the car – you haven’t yet driven anywhere yet!

Now you cannot drive the car from any other seat – so it is important to be there first.

Many other dating and love coaches claim to be able to remove your blocks and barriers to love – however, most of them are just working with your conscious mind – that big beautiful pre-frontal cortex that makes decisions and analyzes things.

Unfortunately, that part of us only drives about 10-15% of our behavior.

The issue is so much deeper than that!

Our subconscious mind drives our behavior – even when it comes to love and particularly who we find attractive out in the world.

Sadly, our subconscious mind is wired to keep us alive – survival is all it is interested in.

To recreate your love life you must move from survival to learning how to THRIVE!

This deep transformation doesn’t happen in a moment, it happens over time.

Just like when you first learned to tie your shoe – it took a great deal of focus and concentration to do it. Now you just put on your shoes and tie the laces while thinking of dozens of other things. It happens on auto-pilot.

When we work with a client one of our most powerful tools is our ability to get you past your resistance. Your resistance is the part of you that doesn’t want to go online to date. Your resistance is the part of you that tells you the problem is with the men you are dating, NOT with your selection process. Your resistance is the part of you that tells you that you don’t deserve the kind of love you desire.

Your resistance is the part of you that wants to keep things the same.

So if you want to overcome your resistance and get your love life off of auto-pilot so you can recreate your love life as the powerful, intelligent woman you are today let’s discuss a Private Coaching Package that will do all of that and much more!

Click this link to find out more about our Private Coaching Packages:

You could be like our past client Devi Pamarti who has been married to her Beloved for three and half years now. She came to us after a divorce not sure what to do. Her ex wasn’t a bad guy, she just knew that she deserved more. Today she’s living her life with her true soul partner!


Private Coaching is not for everyone! Read through this list first to see if this sounds like you:

  • I am willing to take responsibility for my life, including the results I get from this coaching.
  • I am open to revealing my innermost fears and desires to release myself from those fears and realize my desires.
  • I will show up to all phone appointments on time, present and ready to give and receive 100% of my enthusiasm, honesty, and authenticity.
  • I will honor any and all contracts I sign, recognizing that a contract is a binding agreement. I honor my word.
  • I commit to having fun, trying new things, and keeping an open mind. I trust my coaches and allow them to challenge my existing beliefs, experiences, emotions, and perceptions.
  • I follow direction and take initiative toward my desires.
  • I regularly visualize, feel, and acknowledge the goals I wish to experience, knowing that my attention on these dreams has the power to bring them into being.
  • I recognize that nothing is more important than caring for and loving myself. The more I cherish me, the more abundance I can share with others.
  • I am fully committed to this journey and open to receiving, taking ownership and shifting patterns to attract the love of my life

If you are ready to get behind the wheel of your love life, release all your blocks to love, and bring in your beloved, then click here to put down a fully refundable deposit and schedule a time to discuss options directly with us here:

We are here to be your guides to love!

Love and Abundance,

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