9 Ways To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy Before A First Date Or First Meeting

Are you connected to your feminine energy? Or are you so focused on getting things done in your life that dating and finding love are just another task on your to-do list?

Feminine energy somehow got a bad rap over the last few decades. So perhaps you’re unaware of how important it is to connect with your feminine energy before a first date or first meeting. Tapping into your feminine energy before you go out on a date, and through the dating process, will speed up your ability to create lasting love with your masculine counterpart.

Despite the stereotypes of femininity being weak and passive, feminine energy is the opposite of that. If you’ve ever been in a storm, you know this to be true. It’s not Father Nature – it’s Mother Nature – and this powerful energy that you came into the world with can be channeled to identify an ideal match for long-lasting, soul-satisfying love by following the practices below.

Connect to your feminine power before a first date or first meeting and discover how powerful it can be to relax, respond, and redirect. This is how Queens rule over their country and you can rule your love life!

9 Ways To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy Before A First Date Or First Meeting

  1. Know The Difference Between Masculine And Feminine Energy

Masculine energy is analytical, single-focused, competitive, and goal-driven. It’s great for getting things done. Feminine energy is inclusive, reflective, sensual, emotional, and reciprocal. It’s great for creating connections.

All humans have access to both masculine and feminine energy. These energetics are on a dial-switch so you can accentuate one by dialing it up or choose to downplay it. Women are often rewarded in their careers and on the job by leading with their masculine energy but forget to dial down their masculine energy in their personal lives, particularly when dating and looking for a mate.

The dance of an intimate relationship flows easily when there’s a balance of masculine and feminine energies between the two partners. Two masculine energies in a relationship will be too competitive to dance together, both struggling to take the lead. Two feminine energies in a relationship are reciprocal, and there’s no one taking the lead.

The spark of attraction is born out of your differences. That’s why it’s common to hear that opposites attract (opposing energies are complimentary). Just like magnets are drawn together by polar opposites, masculine and feminine energies come together to create the foundation of a family unit. This is built into the survival of the human species. You’re attracted to someone who is different than you because you’ll each have different strengths and weaknesses, leveraging the ability for a couple to procreate and survive.

Just like two ballroom dancers, the strong masculine energy leads and creates a firm foundation for the feminine energy to emanate and express its creativity.

  1. Create A Ritual For Yourself

Having rituals is an important tool for grounding yourself and connecting to your feminine energy. Use your sensory experiences to connect to your feelings and body sensations. Being grounded in your body and present in the moment connects you to your femininity.

Whether it is a song you love, a perfume or scented candle, or an outfit you feel sexy in, change your energy from getting things done to connecting with your senses. Before going on a first date connect with your sensual side. Your sensuality and your femininity are innately connected. Getting in touch with your senses will allow you to show up authentically and be present for your date.

Rituals allow you to transition from one state to another with a system for making the transition. Creating a ritual for yourself, even if it is as simple as lighting a candle or listening to a particular song signals to your mind that you are no longer in work or achievement mode. These practices will create the space to relax into your feminine energy.

Tapping into your feminine energy before a first date or first meeting grounds you in the present moment. From this place, you’re more receptive and open to making a meaningful connection.

  1. Connect To Your Emotional State

Your emotional state is your most authentic state. Connecting to your emotions will get you out of an analytical state of mind and into your feminine energy. Sit down, ground your feet on the floor, close your eyes, and connect to your body.

Emotions are the same as body sensations. Connecting to your body allows you to become aware of your feelings, which are very different than your thoughts. See if you can complete the phrase, “I feel _______.” Allow your emotions to be what they are, without judgment.

Connecting to your emotional life connects you with your feminine energy bringing you into the present moment and more able to express your truth rather than overthinking and spinning in your head about what to say or do.

The only way to be authentic is to identify your feelings and express them to another person. Remember, that your feeling state is only temporary, so staying in the present moment is essential so you can continue to express changes as they occur.

Tapping into your feminine energy for a first meeting or first date by connecting with your emotions will compel a connection with yourself so you don’t fall into people-pleasing strategies that can cause you to abandon yourself on the search for an ideal life partner.

  1. Connect With Nature

We refer to the natural world as Mother Nature because the rhythm of the seasons are in alignment with feminine energy. Step out into nature to transition from the masculine energy of work and accomplishment and connect with the rhythms of the natural world.

Feel your bare feet on grass. Go for a walk outdoors and feel the breeze on your skin. Walk in a garden or feel your hands in the soil. If you live in an urban environment and don’t have easy access to nature, you can fill your home with flowers and house plants.  Pets can also connect you to your feminine energy.

Put aside your mobile phone and other technology and take a few minutes to reconnect with the rhythms of Mother Earth before a date and you’ll feel more connected to your feminine energy.

  1. Access Your Creativity

Feminine energy has a deep connection to creativity and creation itself. It creates and nurtures new life, the ultimate act of creation. Connecting to your creative side gets you out of your analytical, logical mind and into the flow of your own creativity.

Spend some time journaling about your feelings, sing along to your favorite song, or get your coloring pencils or paints out. There are apps you can add to your mobile phone that allow you to throw pottery on a wheel, color in a mandala, or paint like a pro. Bake something tasty or cook up a delicious meal.

Your creative energy is innately feminine, all original, creative ideas are born out of being connected to feminine energy. Tapping into your feminine energy is as easy as accessing your creativity — no overthinking required.

  1. Own The Power Of Your Feminine Energy

Somehow feminine energy has been perceived as passive, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your feminine energy is powerful through its receptivity. Leaning into your receptive energy allows you to set the tone and the speed of the dating process. It puts you in a position to decide if your date has won another date with you or not.

Allowing the man to lead doesn’t mean you have to follow. You have veto power and the only way to harness that energy is by standing firmly in your feminine energy. A man who wants a relationship with you will pursue you for a relationship.

If you become the pursuer the energetics will be off, and when you want him to step up to claim you the disappointment will be difficult to overcome. Plus, a man who is not pursuing you is likely not ready for a relationship and is just looking for companionship. You can eliminate guys who will waste your time by embracing your feminine energy and simply responding rather than leading. If there’s nothing to respond to, you can cut him loose and avoid investing emotionally because he’s not on a mission to find a relationship.

  1. Practice Being Receptive

It’s unfortunate that many women are not very good at receiving. Accepting a compliment, or help, like taking your carry-on bag down from an airplane bin is a great way to signal to a guy that you’re interested.

Allowing a man to provide for you doesn’t have to mean you’re dependent on him, instead, it appeals to his desire to do things for you. Accepting a compliment, assistance, support, love, or affection from a man may take practice so that you don’t subconsciously send him signals that you’re not open for a relationship.

Start accepting offers of help and support instead of telling the men you interact with that you’ve got it. Just say, “Thank you” when someone gives you a compliment instead of downplaying yourself or reciprocating by offering a compliment back.

The more you practice receiving, the more you tap into your feminine energy and give a guy the space to step into his masculine energy and provide things for you (even if it’s simply emotional support or opening your water bottle).

  1. Fill Your Own Cup First

You’ve heard the instructions on the airplane, “If cabin pressure drops masks will become available. If you’re with someone who needs assistance, put your own mask on first.” It’s up to you to fill your own cup first rather than going into sacrifice.

Your self-care routine connects you to your feminine energy. Self-reflection, meditation, yoga, a warm bubble bath, whatever you do to refresh and refuel nourishes your feminine energy.

Imagine that your personal energy is liquid in a cup and every time you give to someone, you’re emptying some of that liquid to help them. If you don’t make sure your cup is full, eventually your cup will run dry. Putting your focus on other people’s needs before your own is a recipe for feeling angry and resentful.

You must fill your own cup first before serving anyone else. Select self-care activities that you regularly engage in and you’ll have plenty of energy to give to those you care about.

  1. Cultivate Chemistry And Connection Instead Of Competition

Two feminine energies together are reciprocal while two masculine energies are competitive. Showing up in your masculine energy for a first date or first meeting sets in motion a competitive environment, one where chemistry and attraction cannot survive.

The man who wants a relationship with you will not want to compete with you. He’ll want to provide something of value and make your life easier. It used to be that men provided security and stability by being the breadwinner; today a man can provide you with something else entirely.

Knowing what you’d like a man to provide for you in a romantic relationship can create a deep connection with him. Tapping into your feminine energy before a first date or first meeting will allow you to energetically set up the dynamic of a romantic partnership from the start.

Dating is not like going on a job interview or achieving life goals. It’s important to cultivate discernment through the dating process to discover the right man for you. Relaxing into your feminine energy will make dating more enjoyable and create the space for your ideal match to show up. Access your personal power by tapping into your feminine energy and you’ll feel better about yourself too.

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