Finally, Get Unstuck And Have Your Big Breakthrough To Love!

Finally, Get Unstuck And Have Your Big Breakthrough To Love!

Yes, Orna and Matthew! I am blown away by the information you shared and I'm ready transform my love life!
A Small Group Of Like-Minded Individuals Will Support Your Transformation 
when you join our Love On Purpose Mentoring virtual intensive!
A Small Group Of Like-Minded Individuals Will Support Your Transformation 
when you join our Love On Purpose Mentoring virtual intensive!
Act Now To Join 
Love On Purpose Mentoring
Act Now To Join 
Love On Purpose Mentoring
Payment Plans Available
We're excited to have you join us for this life-changing opportunity!

Remember, this will be a small group, so you'll get all of the personal attention you'll need.

Just you, getting the transformation you need right now. 

And us, two Expert Coaches giving you the conscious and subconscious coaching we’re masterful at. 
Best of all, transformation happens FASTER in a small group. Plus you’ll benefit from our lifetime of personal growth and transformation tools — some we may create just for you! Personal work that pays off for the rest of your life. 

Love On Purpose Mentoring is your opportunity to get the help you need on the specific issues in your love life. You decide the curriculum, in a small group a common theme will emerge that serves everyone.

Love On Purpose Mentoring

Virtual Intensive

Love Seat Coaching with Orna and Matthew

This program will be limited to a small group so everyone receives the benefit of the unique transformational healing processes they need. Each participant is guaranteed live coaching with us in the “Love Seat.”

You Tell Us What You Want To Work On

No content. You choose what you want to focus on. The agenda for each class will be determined by the group. This program is designed to meet you where you are on your journey.

The Transformation You Need

Over the past 15 years, we've developed the most powerful transformational processes specifically designed to address the issues that come up in love, dating, and mating. As a part of this group, you'll receive the transformation you need to change your patterns in love — permanently.

All Boats Rise Together

In this sacred group setting, our minds are connected like computers on a network. You will receive massive benefits from every single process whether you’re in the Love Seat or just listening in.

Your Journey Begins Saturday, September 23rd

Via Teleconference Line — Audio Only

Via Teleconference Line — Audio Only

Saturdays 10:00AM PDT
September 23rd
September 30th
October 7th
October 14th
Wednesdays 5:00PM PDT
September 27th
October 4th
October 11th

TBD (re: group size)
October 18th
October 21st

Plus ALL These Bonuses!

FREE BONUSES VALUED at $788 when you join us for 
Love On Purpose Mentoring

FREE BONUSES VALUED at $788 when you join us for 
Love On Purpose Mentoring

Bonus #1—Dating Success Bundle

Get our best tools for making dating easy and effective.

Use dating as a tool to grow into the person you desire to be. 

Have a respectful template for ending any relationship.

Value $97

Bonus #2—Comprehensive Hypnosis Programs

Your Choice of TWO from these five:

  • Hypnosis for Creating Confidence
  • ​Hypnosis for Releasing Anxiety
  • ​Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success
  • ​Hypnosis for Better Sleep
  • ​Get It Done! Hypnosis for Overcoming Procrastination

Value $197 each

Bonus #3—An Entire Bonus Class: Discover Your Heart Archetype

Your Heart Archetype is determined by the heart line in the palm of your hand and knowing how your heart is currently wired for love will bring you clarity in your relationship as well as in your search for an ideal match.

Value $297

All These Bonuses — FREE!

All These Bonuses — FREE!

When You Claim Your Seat Today!

When You Claim Your Seat Today!

Love On Purpose Mentoring

One Payment $999
(Payment Plan Available — Click Below)


“Thank you for giving us the place and space to play full-out. I've been seeking what you offer and provide for years. 
I thank God for you two!”

Even though I have now been happily married to my soulmate for 10 months, I kept you guys on my list of spiritual 'manifestation reading material' for a variety of reasons - but mostly, because I feel your work was instrumental to my success in finally manifesting the RIGHT man after 20 years (literally!) of dating. Your Tough Love really gave me the impetus I needed to finally do what it took to manifest my dreams!!

So THANKS to both of you for spreading your knowledge!”

“This program was a huge step in my journey... I was able to see my patterns, the attraction to my current man at the time (old pattern) waned and I was able to finally break it off for good. I've attracted a healthier man who is emotionally sensitive and available and I AM NOT TRYING TO FIX HIM OR "TAKE CARE" OF HIM THIS TIME!!!!! THIS IS HUGE PROGRESS!!

Thanks so much!!!!!”

"I feel like I have partners in the two of you in helping me to have an even more incredible life than it currently is. It seems like every time I have been running into a relationship issue, with family, friends, newly ex-boyfriend, work, etc., your words have come back to me and I have been open to new experiences to love/take care of myself. I don't know how to ever thank you enough!

Thank you for every aspect of the program."

"Thank you so much for providing this program. I've learned so much that it just blows my mind. How could I have not known about all these tools?

Thank you for helping me get on the path to knowing myself, overcoming my internal barriers to love and feeling like I am truly on my way to finding my soul mate and life partner.

Love and Hugs,"

"I actually met with my Beloved a couple of weeks after signing up, and married shortly after meeting. We are both very happy and managing a healthy relationship based on key values like respect, love, faith and support. We are both pursuing our passions, are open to finding creative unique solutions that work for us, and most importantly enjoy each other's company.

I really found the Program beneficial. Getting in touch with the little girl inside of me and letting go of her fears was the most profound. Thank you so much for putting the Program together.”

“It's very nice to experience life from a confident, grounded space, always being supportive of myself. I have really enjoyed the learning process with dating and especially what I am learning about myself. The last guy that I dated really brought to light that my prior love imprint is no longer a factor.

In the past, when men got attached too quickly, I was not flattered. I always feared that they would discover the "real me" or what was wrong with me and then reject me. This time it was so refreshing to know that, while there is nothing wrong with me, I am not perfect, just like every person on earth. 

Thank you for the tools that you have given me.”

"Thank you Orna & Matthew for an amazing journey! For helping me dive deep into my true self and get in touch with the unknown territories within. It has helped me be a lot more conscious about things that happen around me and to identify the causes within. This awareness has tremendously affected the quality of my life and relationships with everyone around me in a positive way. I've enjoyed working with you and look forward to a continued relationship as I travel through my spiritual expansion."

"Thank you for jumpstarting me towards love and connection. I have heard that AWARENESS is the first step to changing. My heart seems more settled and I am noticing when my actions are in sync with the false beliefs, and have made some conscious decisions on faith assuming the positive statements are indeed true.

Acting on these new beliefs is scary & exciting at the same time, as I notice the changes in my feelings and outlook, unfamiliar but good.

Thanks again as I continue this journey.”

"Thank you thank you thank you!

It's such an amazing experience / journey through this program. There has not been a single day where I have not got a lot out of it. Wooowww and again thank you thank you thank you!

Pure love and light"

“I have a totally new outlook on myself and my value just for being here. There has never been a time in my life that I have accepted who I am so completely. I know I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to feel guilt about who I am. It brings daily happiness from the inside and I have stopped this crazy search for someone to complete me. Now I look forward to sharing with someone my completion.”

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You and Matthew are amazing. I’m amazed at what a difference the program has made for me. Thank you for your patience and insight and generosity. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You two are an amazing team.

I really had no idea or expectation about the program. My only goal is to grow into the best ‘me’ I can. It made an immeasurable difference in my healing. “Thank you” just doesn’t convey how grateful I am.

I could go on-and-on, but I’ll just say THANK YOU again. You are both a part of my practice of gratitude every day."

“When I started working with you I knew I had habits and beliefs that were not serving me and I felt I was probably stuck with them because they were insurmountable. Working with you in this program allowed me to finally break through the 'insurmountable' beliefs to a better result. I began changing my beliefs AND my habits. You have powerful tools and processes that work."

"Before working with you guys I used to think I was too broken to have a healthy relationship. I'm so excited to share with you that I am now engaged to my beloved! He's a fantastic fella, smart, funny, fun ... and I couldn't have done it without you. I'm absolutely ecstatic about the work we did together! It shifted everything for me." 

“I met my boyfriend one month after my coaching program with you was completed. Your method works, and your coaching is excellent. You both catch the little things that have a big impact on relationships and then explain why."

I was really wondering if I could ever be in a successful long-term relationship. You have given me great insights and the courage to find a path to much healthier relationships. Shedding those terrible old stories has given me room and energy for more joy and has been so beneficial to my healing and making me whole as a person. I am feeling much lighter and more joyful these days. I am healthy, I am visible, I will be heard. I surround myself with positive people.

Thanks as always to the two of you for your caring and strong support.

With Much Gratitude and Love,"

"I am very happy to say that I have found my Beloved! I am so glad to have completed the course. The techniques and suggestions are bang on the buck. You know I was struggling to a 'let go or hold on' decision of my previous unresolved divorce.

When you resolve and clear the past, the new life is just there waiting for you. I had known my now husband for over 2 years. We were friends, and I always thought we had no chemistry, no passion...but the moment I let go of my ex from my system, I saw my now husband in totally new light. I must say we share great chemistry and friendship!

Thank you both for the help, support and sharing your experience and journey. You are paving the way for many others who are seeking to find true love and happiness."

"Thank you Orna and Matthew for being my "love surgeons" and helping me clear out all that unnecessary subconscious garbage in my head so that I could become the person and partner I consciously want to be for me and for my man. "

"The program was very valuable to me- thank you! I noticed a change in my thinking and dreams by the next day. I have truly felt since then that I didn’t need to go back to those painful thoughts - truly a peace about it set in.

What I have also done is stop or change the intrusive thoughts when they come into my head. I have been successful at this, which makes me grateful. It's as if it was a full balloon that has lost all its air.

Thank you both so much for your support and guidance in this."

"I could never thank you enough! When I came to you I thought I had wasted 4 years of my life with my Ex, and that I would lose out on the opportunity to have children of my own. Today, I share my life with my Beloved. I sometimes have to pinch myself to know I am not dreaming. Thanks to the coaching we did together I have everything I have ever wanted and I’m writing to let you know that I am pregnant and our baby is due in June."


Love On Purpose Mentoring

One Payment $999
(Payment Plans Available - Click Below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it to every class live?
All the classes are recorded (audio only), so as long as you listen to each class before the next one you won’t be left behind. If you’re in a time zone that makes it impossible for you to be live for either Wednesdays or Saturdays consistently that’s okay. Every participant will let us know when they are NOT available for Love Seat Sessions, and we’ll work around your availability. You will receive benefit from other participants' Love Seat Sessions so you’ll want to attend as many classes live as possible, and we’ll open the lines for Q&A at the close of each class. 
How do I know the group is right for me?
In this small sacred group setting a theme will emerge and we’ll go deeper into that theme that serves everyone as it becomes clear through the course. You will receive massive benefit even when you’re not in the love seat. Brains are connected like computers on a network, you’ll ride the coattails of someone else’s Love Seat Session even when you’re just listening in. Some of your biggest breakthroughs will occur while listening to other participants process work, our unique Walters’ Method™. 
What happens in the Love Seat?
We’ll assist you in narrowing our focus for your personalized Love Seat Session without going through a lengthy history intake. You won’t be sharing your life story in the group. Instead, you’ll receive a combination of cognitive coaching and The Walters’ Method™. This inner transformation creates change in your outer experience — just like riding a bike, you can’t unlearn it. With a small sacred group, all boats rise together! You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness for you to ride along with other participants Love Seat Sessions and receive massive benefit. 
What is The Walters’ Method™?
The Walters’ Method™ is comprised of our unique proprietary processes that we’ve developed over many years and thousands of clients served. As your subconscious mind drives the majority of your behavior, these processes access your subconscious releasing limiting beliefs, emotional stories, and blind spots. These processes are not available anywhere else and have been crafted to specifically support your journey to lasting love rather than repeating your love patterns that have kept you stuck. 
How many opportunities do I get in the Love Seat with Orna and Matthew?
Each participant is guaranteed two Love Seat Sessions. You’ll have additional time in the Love Seat during our bonus Your Heart Archetype™ class. Plus, we’ll open the lines for Q&A at the close of each class.  
Do I have to have my camera on during the class?
This program is audio only and hosted on our teleconference line, so no camera is required. You won’t feel self-conscious in the Love Seat, and your privacy is the top priority. We’ll only refer to you by your first name. (See below if you’re a public figure.)
Are you a Public Figure? 
The entire course is hosted on our teleconference line AUDIO ONLY. If you’d like us to call you by a different name to keep your identity private, simply let us know after registering and we’ll call you by a different first name. We’ll never say last names in the class. 
How do the T.B.D. dates work?
T.B.D. stands for To Be Determined and in this case, the determining factor is the final group size. Once we know the final number of participants, we’ll inform you if we’ll need to include TBD dates or release them. For now, simply block out all the dates including TBD until you’re informed otherwise. 
My question isn’t answered here, how can I find out more?
If your question isn’t answered here, send us an email to: support at love on purpose dot com and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. 

Love On Purpose Mentoring

One Payment $999
(Payment Plans Available - Click Below)
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