Couple’s Hand Analysis Session
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What If You Had The Secret To Fulfillment In Your Relationship?


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a map for that journey?

You do! And the map is literally in your hands!

The owner’s manual to your life is in your hands. Scientific non-predictive palmistry reveals your Life Purpose and Life Lesson arenas through your fingerprints.

The lines of the palm are a map of your major neural pathways illuminating characteristics and behavior including what you require from your partner to feel loved.

Deeply connect with your partner through the lens of your unique soul’s journey, where you overlap and are similar, and where you are different from each other.

Living your best life alongside your Beloved is how to thrive in life!

Orna Walters, The GPS For Your Soul

Orna has analyzed thousands of hands and has a unique gift to put her clients in alignment to receive wealth, health and love. Orna utilizes the science of Hand Analysis — non-predictive palmistry — as the basis for her work. She is known as the GPS for Your Soul™ because she gives you the specific tools and techniques you require to maneuver past your road blocks, setting you on course to live your Life Purpose full out!

Sign up now for a Couple’s Hand Analysis Session and receive the map to lasting love, deep connection, and fulfillment in your relationship!

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With Your Couple’s Hand Analysis Session:

You'll discover the secret to navigating through rough patches and challenges in your relationship.

You'll know how to deeply connect with your partner... and be seen and accepted for who you are.

You’ll both have a crystal clear understanding of your most intimate relationship with new profound insights about one another.

An awesome Valentine’s Day Gift, Engagement Gift, or Gift for any and all occasions!

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  • Couple's Hand Analysis Session
  • Ink Print Kit Mailed Upon Purchase

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  • Couple's Hand Analysis Session
  • Ink Kit Mailed Upon Purchase
3-Pay Option
Billed Monthly

Scheduling Link Sent After Final Payment Is Received

  • Couple's Hand Analysis Session
  • Ink Print Mailed Upon Purchase

You’ll receive your Couple’s Hand Analysis Session by phone or webcall, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home or office.

**You do not have to be in the same location as your partner – great for a long-distance relationship.**

It works like this:

Place your order by selecting one of the options above.

Our office will send you and your partner an ink printing kit with instructions.

In 5 to 10 minutes you each make your hand and finger prints.

Each set is mailed to us via the post office.

After your final payment, you will receive a link to schedule your Couple’s Hand Analysis in our online calendar.

The entire session is recorded.

You and your partner will be emailed an MP3 of your entire Couple's Hand Analysis Session.

The gift of this reading is that the two of you can revisit the audio recording in the future to gain deeper insights into yourself and one another.

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