Your Love Imprint®

Discover How Easy It Can Be To Finally Get Love Right…

…when you unlock the program in your subconscious that is driving all your mistakes in love and causing you nothing but heartache and heartbreak!

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You Deserve Love!

You know this to be true, but it just hasn’t been working for you.
Are you a frustrated professional spiritual woman who seems to have it all together in every area of her life except when it comes to creating long-lasting love?
Do you seem to fluctuate between two different types of men – like the “Bad Boy” who won’t commit, and the “Nice Guy” or “Should Guy” who loves you so much, but you don’t feel the spark?
Have your girlfriends told you that you seem to act like a completely different person when your heart is involved and they don’t understand why a catch like you is struggling in love?
If any of these statements describe you, even a little bit – we have good news for you!
We want to show you the key to unlocking your problem and finally opening the door to the love of your life. When you finally discover this secret, you’ll be able to reclaim your path to love.
Did you know you are programmed to be attracted to certain people over others?
Did you know that this programming will cause you to choose what is familiar over what you desire in relationship?
Did you know that Your Love Imprint® is driving all the mistakes you’re making and causing you nothing but heartache and heartbreak?
The truth is, the real problem will not be magically solved one day when you meet the “right” man.
Here is your chance to really understand what has been blocking you from the love you want and deserve: Your Love Imprint®.
We have a special offer for you that only our private clients who pay us thousands of dollars have access to!
For a limited time you can get on the phone with us, and have us diagnose Your Love Imprint® for a fraction of what our private clients have paid!
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Your Love Imprint®

Your Love Imprint® is how you learned to receive love at a very young age. It was shaped by your parents, siblings, and extended family. It was how you learned to feel loved and safe.

And if you haven’t identified it and transformed it, then it is still driving your choices in all of your relationships! It even affects who you have the spark of attraction with!

Isn’t it time you released yourself from this faulty programming?

You are no longer a small child and so it’s time to put the adult you in charge of selecting a good match for you so you can finally create soul-satisfying, long-lasting love!

We have worked with thousands of clients, interviewed all of the top relationship experts, and overcame our own Love Imprints to create a True Soul Partnership.

We want to share this wisdom with you so that you can transform Your Love Imprint® and create an amazing relationship!  Whether you are single or in a relationship, Your Family Imprint® is driving your choices.

The statistics from The Gottman Institute prove that we do not get “better” at creating long-lasting love by changing partners. Their survey shows that 48% of first marriages end in divorce (that’s why you hear 50% divorce rate so often, people round up).
By third marriages that number skyrockets to 75%!! That’s right, 75% of first marriages end in divorce!
Here are the facts:
YOU are the common denominator in all of your relationships.
What you think is the problem, is not really the issue.
More importantly, more information or delving into your past is not where you will find the breakthrough you are currently looking for – either of those will only continue to keep you stuck where you are…
Creating the same kind of relationship over and over again…
Isn’t it time you took control of your relationships?
If you are ready to discover what is blocking you from true love, Sign up today and you can discover Your Love Imprint® for only $197!
Be sure to take advantage of this special offer because we are only going to take a limited number of people for these sessions.
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Discover Your Love Imprint®

For a limited time you can get on the phone with us, and have us diagnose Your Love Imprint®. This is something that we only do with our private clients after they’ve invested thousands of dollars in one of our programs, but we are offering it to you for a fraction of what our private clients have paid.

In this coaching session we will do three things:

1) Reveal the unique pattern in Your Love Imprint™ that has been keeping you stuck .

2) Share with you our secret to transforming Your Love Imprint™ without more therapy, rehashing your past or joining another online dating service.

3) Show you how to rise above the heartache, struggles and pain of unfulfilled relationships that EVERYONE experiences (no matter how smart you are) so you can continue to attract more love in your life (even as divorce rates keep rising all around you).

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