This week’s question comes from Tami

“Hi there Orna and Matthew!

I look forward to and love receiving your emails, thank you!

I have a question that may seem odd, but here goes anyway, haha.

I am a single woman, 50 years old, with a fun and active social life. I’ve, in the past made a few bad man decisions, but have learned a lot from each experience. That being said, I still have one major concern. I’m a very severe type 1 juvenile diabetic. I take very good care of myself, am a runner, play lots, and don’t allow it to hold me back. However, it would be a mistake to not acknowledge the fact that at times, due to my life long chronic illness, I get sick. I just love men, love meeting them, enjoy getting to know them, forming relationships, the whole process. And I very much enjoy having one special man in my life and look forward to the right one showing up in the right time. That said, is it ok and fair, do you think, to continue to desire and hope for him since I’m sick and, at times, am unable to do all the normal fun stuff? I feel so sad and filled with despair at the thought that this may not be in the cards for me. Please help me with some words of wisdom. Truths of how to handle this aspect of my life.

Dear Tami,

You seem like such a wonderful woman! Your energy, sense of humor, and love of life come through so strong in your short email. So, why are you selling yourself short because of something you have no control over?

Everyone has something. Whether it is a physical limitation, an emotional issue, or mistakes from your past, everyone has something that could get in the way of them having love.

You have a physical issue. Clearly, you don’t let it stop you from having a fun and active social life. You don’t let it stop you from staying in shape and continuing to learn and grow. So why are you letting it stop you from receiving the love you desire and deserve?

We are all worthy of love. Every one of us, no matter what is ‘wrong’ with us, deserves to love and be loved. It is our birthright.

It sounds to us like you don’t believe that you should or could allow yourself to be taken care of by someone else. Now is the time to allow yourself to receive!

The feminine aspect of love is receiving. In order to receive you must allow someone else to take care of you occasionally.

We’re not suggesting you find someone just to take care of you (and we’re clear you wouldn’t be happy with that). What we are advocating is that you be up front with your health and allow a man to decide whether or not he is willing to be with you.

You’ve been deciding for him. By believing that it is not fair for you to even hope or desire for love, you’ve been keeping all these amazing men from showing up and helping out. Believe us, there are plenty of men who would gladly be with such an amazing woman as yourself and feel good about being the man who takes care of his woman when she needs him.

We can hear your internal voice saying that it wouldn’t be fair to do this to a man you care about. It is time to stop listening to this voice! We just read an article on Huffington Post that shows a woman carrying her husband on a hike. She’s carrying him because he lost both his legs at war. They met and married AFTER he lost his legs.

We believe there is a lid for every pot. Be up front with any man early on in the dating process (not the first date), and you will find that there are many men who would love to be with you exactly as you are!

Every single person can make up some limiting belief about why it would be unfair to ask for love. This has absolutely nothing to do with the truth! You, just like every baby ever born, came into the world as the human embodiment of the energy of love. It is your natural state to give and receive love – you simply learned that love is conditional.

It is time to stop using an illness as an excuse and go create the love you desire and deserve!

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Love and Abundance,

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