This week’s question comes from Eileen

“Hi Orna and Matthew,

Thanks much for your Love On Purpose Revolution®. I am learning some great tips. But frankly, I am tired of seeking, I feel incapable of really getting it, when I try to use the advice it feels unnatural and contrived, even manipulative, and I am feeling hopeless.

I am 7th of 11 children, while it was fun with all those siblings, my parents were busy and unavailable emotionally. I was married for 20 years, with 2 girls, but communication was not great and it got abusive at the end.

I have been on a spiritual path since then, another 20 years now. I tried everything, The Work, Now, Dyer, Secret, ACIM, basically if they were on Oprah, I tried it.

The last 2 men that came into my life effortlessly BTW, were each married for 27 years and they rejected me. One a widower for one year, stopped calling after 3 years (2 years ago) and the other, a divorcee dated around for 3 years and broke it off after after 5 weeks (2 weeks ago).

I am devastated. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I really want to know that romantic loving relationship before I am too old!

I am afraid of opening up emotionally unless I am sure of what I feel and need. That inner truth can be illusive so then I say nothing. I have self esteem issues around my body image (hyperhydrosis) but I have been more honest about that.

My therapist says I need to stop seeking and start living, just practice opening up. It’s so hard to keep track of the latest dating buzz words and be myself at the same time. How can I practice when I can’t keep a man?

Tired of being alone.”

Hi Eileen,

Thank you for sharing so openly about where you are. You state that you have “tried everything.” Unfortunately, most programs (and books too) focus on what we call the “Creation Phase.” These focus on things like: How to ‘attract’ the right man, or be irresistible, or some other sort of mindset and Law of Attraction concepts.

The truth is that you’re stuck because of the system that is locked inside Your Love Imprint®.

Your Love Imprint is how you learned to receive love in your family of origin. It is how your subconscious identifies what love feels like to you. When there is a mismatch between Your Love Imprint and Your True Heart’s Desire – you are literally stuck!

Your conscious mind desires one thing, and yet your Love GPS is running on auto-pilot in your subconscious mind searching out a match for what is familiar.

Sadly, all the information in the world will never change what is locked inside Your Love Imprint®. Understanding why you are the way you are will never transform it, nor change your behavior, or who you have the spark of attraction with.

You say that you “cannot keep a man.” That is not the issue at all. The problem is that your selection process is faulty.

When we work with a client we work in three distinct phases:

Phase I: Identify and Dismantle Subconscious Blocks

Phase II: Stepping Into Your Authentic Self

Phase III: The Creation Phase

All the other programs that focus on The Creation Phase ONLY will not do anything to change where you are because they are not addressing the cause of your selection of one man over another.

The system of Your Love Imprint® is made up of different components: your limiting beliefs around love, your negative behavioral strategies, and your mental-emotional patterns.

3 Truths You Must Face:

  1. Everything from your past experiences has shaped what you believe is possible for you. The world is as we believe it to be.
  2. Wishing for things to be different unfortunately is not enough…
  3. Only by working with the subconscious mind directly can you create the change you seek – and quickly!

Once you transform Your Love Imprint® a whole new level of man will show up for you. One where you don’t have to earn love, or prove your worthiness, or whatever the current limiting belief is that holds you back.

Your current selection process is only bringing you men who don’t stick around. If you’re tired enough of that merry-go-round make the investment of a Your Love Imprint® Session with us so we can quickly show you exactly what is in your way from having long-lasting, soul-satisfying love.

One last thing: It is NEVER too late to find the love of your life!

Love and Abundance,

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