This week’s question comes from Annie: 

Hi Orna and Matthew, 

I’m really struggling right now and I hope you can help me. I know that I am attracted to unavailable men. I ended my most recent relationship because I constantly wanted more from him… more time, more attention. I want to feel like I am a priority, and well, I didn’t. So now it’s over. 

After giving it a good cry and some time, I started online dating again. Nothing happening there either… just feeling icky and I’m really starting to wonder if a great love relationship was just not meant to be for me. 

What are your thoughts? 

Trying not to lose hope.

Hi Annie,

Thank you for your question and for sharing how you feel. We selected your question to answer because we loathe the phrase, “Not meant to be.” We really do!

“Not meant to be” has to be the single most disempowering phrase that exists.

Who is to say what is “meant” to be, and what is not? You? God? The Universe?

Every human being has been given Free Will Choice and we believe that this is VERY POWERFUL!

When we abdicate our power, it is all too easy to become apathetic.

We only have control over what we think, feel, and do. Never will we have control over another human being.

In intimate relationship, this can create heartache, a power struggle, and constant conflicts.

If your wish is to control your Ex, or any of the guys online you will only create more disconnection for yourself and endless frustration.

Albert Einstein said that the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So our question for you is this: What are you willing to change?

Are you willing to look within and assess if your strategies around giving and receiving love are working for you, or are you not?

There is a tale in Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book Think And Grow Rich about a man who sold a gold mine when he was only 3 feet away from the vein of gold he was desperate to reach.

Are you only 3 feet from gold?

We can’t know from the little bit you shared with us about your journey to love, however, we do know that everything in your life is conspiring to give you opportunities to heal the wounds from the past so you can live at your highest and best self.

If you are ready to heal those wounds and create a plan for lasting love, our 7-module program The Science Of Creating Love™ may be just what you need.

Whether you are currently in a relationship trying to decide if you should stay or go, or you’re stone cold single this in-depth program contains our most powerful processes to create change on the subconscious level.

It’s like having us in your ear walking you through each step. Each module will be delivered to your in-box once a week, and you simply follow along with the audio program (transcript included) and the workbook.

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Love and Abundance,

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