This week’s question comes from Brenda:

“Hi Orna and Matthew,

I’ve been reading your newsletter for a while and I hear what you are saying about working on love and I’m skeptical. Won’t I just meet the right guy? Won’t things just work out for me when I meet him?

That’s how it’s worked for most of my friends. They were single, or struggling, until they met Mr. Right. So I’m a bit confused what you mean about love strategies… would you please clarify? I am 37 and I really do want to share my life with someone and so far that hasn’t worked for me. I don’t see any patterns, all the guys I’ve dated are all very different.

Can you help me?”

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. We do believe that we can help you because what’s causing some of your distress is the Myth of Accidental Love. We are all sold this myth that one day when we meet the “right” person sparks will fly and we will magically know how to make it last.

It just doesn’t happen this way for most people because Love does not operate under different Universal Laws as anything else in life.

We are told from the moment we pop out of the womb that for everything we want in life – a career, health, etc. We should have a plan, get educated, and create a clear strategy – for everything except what we consider the most important thing of all – LOVE!

The myths about love run deep:

Love will come when you least expect it.

It will all work out when you meet the “right” person.

When it doesn’t work out, maybe it just wasn’t “meant to be.”

Even our language about love says it’s an accident, because we “fall” in love…

The truth about lasting-love is that it is a CHOICE!

Love does operate under the same set of Universal Laws as everything else.

Perhaps this idea sounds somehow less romantic to you… however, we can assure you there is nothing more romantic than choosing one another year after year, decade after decade.

We always find it odd how much emphasis there is on attracting someone in…

What good is it to bring in a man you are attracted to if you do not have the skillset to make it last.

Lasting-love doesn’t just magically happen – ask anyone who has been married for any length of time.

After Matthew’s mom passed in 2014, in a conversation with his dad, we asked what was their secret to 57 years of marriage. John Walters replied, “Say what you have to say then let it go and move on. Just don’t hold on to things.”

We find that to be wildly helpful advice!

Just as there is skillset involved with making love last, there is also a skill involved in the dating process. Most people want to rush through dating to get to the commitment…

Rushing through anything makes it easy to just lather, rinse, repeat and do things the same way we always have, and that lands us with the same result… or close to it.

We teach our clients how to cultivate discernment through the dating process so that they can identify an ideal match for soul-satisfying, long-lasting love.

As far as Love Strategies go – we all learned those in our family of origin. Some of those strategies serve us, and some do not. Identifying and transforming Your Love Imprint® is the foundation of creating change from the inside out so that you can create the love you want.

If you’re tired of struggling in love, and tired of waiting to magically meet Mr. Right – let us show you how to do it ON PURPOSE! instead and sign up for a Your Love Imprint® Session .

During this session we will determine the specific language of Your Love Imprint® and share with you options on how to transform it with us as your guides.

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We are here to be your guides to love.

Love and Abundance,