This week’s question comes from Valerie:

Hi Orna and Matthew,

I admire you both so much and I love how you share so much about your relationship and how it took a long time for you each to figure things out. 

I always question those people who say they never fight, or that it’s easy… it just seems suspect to me. I really appreciate your direct approach in how you answer questions and spell things out. 

Currently, I am divorced mom with 2 kids and being a single mom has its challenges all around, a lot of the issue is that I cannot afford to work with you. Does that just mean I’m out of luck? Can I book just 1 session and see how things go? 

I would really like to find a way to break the cycle of choosing unavailable men. 

Struggling in love and I want the struggle to end…”

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for your sweet email. We love getting positive feedback from our community. There is a reason we don’t ever offer 1 session and it’s because 1 session won’t really do anything to change your situation.

Orna is going to answer you on her own from here:

**From Orna**

You may know that I just turned 50 on June 1st. Being of a woman of a certain age, I am regularly seeing a hormone doctor. It’s been interesting watching and experiencing the changes in my body and mind.

Even though I have the experience of night sweats and hot flashes, etc. I am still not considered in menopause because I am still getting periods. So this last appointment my doctor said, “Now you know what to do as things change, you know when to stop taking your medications, and when to start again, that’s great!”

My doctor and I shared with each other how silly it would be for someone to ask her to see her only 1 time… and Matthew and I feel the same way.

Information is easy to come by. To find out WHY you are the way you are is relatively easy. To create CHANGE is the part that is somewhat difficult. We all, as human beings, are wired to stay the same because right now you are alive, so you are “safe.”

Change is scary.
Change is stressful.
Change is not the “norm.”

We don’t offer 1 session because it’s only through the dedication of time that we can do what we really LOVE to do – the thing that we feel is our Life’s Work to do – to create the space for our client to CHANGE!

This is a transformation that is not easy to explain. It’s experiential.

Just like when I’ve faithfully gone to see the hormone doctor regularly and had my blood work done ahead of time so she can see the actual results and changes and inform me of my next steps.

The actual transformation is all YOU. We just give you the tools to create it.

What happens on the other side is that you feel better, like your “real self,” and you are clear about the kind of relationship you desire. You also have the tools to create it.

Having a toolbox creates lasting love, and working directly with us, you get tools that are handcrafted just for you!

Even through our Bring In Your Beloved course – which is a group program – you receive things just for YOU! Because YOU get to choose exactly what you are transforming. YOU are given the opportunity to make a new choice!

Choice in our behavior creates happiness.

So whether you join our current program or not, we want you to know that we will always be doing this work. There is nothing else for us on the horizon. We are committed to showing everyone who desires to create love HOW to do it.

Our processes are tried and true. We could flood your in-box with testimonials. The only thing in your way is YOU.

Think about your kids – would you find the money for them to do this work? Or a sibling? Or a friend? Would you support them in making an investment in themselves?

What do you spend money on that is just for you?

A car?

If you decide today that you want to work with us – then email us

There are ways to get on a payment plan and start when it makes sense for you financially, and emotionally.

Yes, this year Bring In Your Beloved started already – and today is the last day to register… this year. We’ll have more opportunities for you if this is not the time.

Are you okay with waiting longer for your Beloved?