This week’s question comes from Alexandra:

Greetings Orna and Matthew,

I’ve enjoyed your love notes weekly.

My question is: How do I not lose faith/ inspiration that Love is out there for me?

Live Well.

Dear Alexandra,

This is an important question and one that we’re sure many of our readers struggle with. Really what you’re asking is how do you keep hope alive, or where can you find inspiration.

The truth is that what we believe to be true, is what is true for us.

Yes – YOU are that powerful!

Each of us was given Free Will and it is the most powerful force in the universe. Most people want to abdicate their power because with that power comes great responsibility.

Wherever you are – you created the situation that landed you there and sometimes that is a harsh reality to face.

When we accept FULL responsibility for our lives, we step into the driver’s seat to create change.

When it comes to intimate relationship – each individual is only ONE person in the relationship. We only have control over ourselves.

Often times we cringe when we see our colleagues (and sometimes those who we consider friends) offering a program, a course, or a webinar titled, “Get Him To _____________[fill in the blank]______________. ICK! No Thank you!

Can we manipulate a situation or a person in attempt to get a particular result – SURE! Is that a recipe for lasting-love? NO! We think it’s more of a recipe for disaster.

All the great sages say, “Know thy self.” So, how you keep the faith is really about knowing yourself. How are you motivated?

Take athletics: There are two general kinds of coaches. One motivates with The Stick, the other with The Carrot.

Which are you? Do you work hard for the reward? Or do you work harder to avoid a punishment?

When you are feeling lonely and sad does that motivate you to take action?

Or is it when you see loving couples around you that you are motivated and excited to do something so you can have a loving partner too?

Knowing how you are motivated will help you guide yourself to take the necessary actions so you can create Love On Purpose.

The other thing to consider is this: Are you carrying a torch for an Ex?

We believe that if your heart is tied to someone else, even with a small thread, that your Beloved will not be revealed to you.

If you’re holding out hope for a man to change his mind about you, then you’re in a losing battle.

It doesn’t mean that no one ever comes back from your past to be “The One.” It does mean that you have ZERO control over that decision by the other person.

We have a saying to our clients about their Exes – KILL THE HOPE.

If you want to keep the faith that lasting-love is in the cards for you, then release anyone from your past that you are still longing for.

When you are happy with your soulmate, you won’t be wondering what that Ex is doing or thinking. You’ll be way too busy enjoying your life with someone who is NOT the person who broke your heart in the past.

The most important thing about creating your True Soul Partnership is to do it from a clean slate. What we mean by that is that a Love Imprint match is someone that you have great chemistry with, who stands out for you because they are a match to your wounds about love from childhood.

When you are able to identify Your Love Imprint® and dismantle the system in your subconscious mind that makes some men stand out over others – you’ll be working from a clean slate. The wound match will no longer have that spark of attraction – you’ll actually deselect these men if you are even aware of them at all.

If you are interested in discovering and transforming Your Love Imprint®, our online program The Science of Creating Love™ guides you through all three phases of the journey to love.

We’ve designed all of our programs to work through these three phases:

  1. Identify and transform your blocks to love.
  2. Stepping into your authentic self and master the tools for lasting love.
  3. Creating the vision for your True Soul Partnership and manifesting it into your life.

A lemon ripening on a tree does not go from hard and solid green to soft, yellow and ripe in an instant. It happens over a condensed period of time. The Science of Creating Love™ will give you the tools to not only feel faith again, it will also give you a clear map to your soulmate.

Love and Abundance,

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