This week’s question comes from Donna: 

Hi Orna and Matthew, 

Thank you so much for your teleclasses and webinars. I’m learning so much from you both. I have a question, I’ve been dating this guy for about 4 months, I like him a lot, he seems to like me a lot. How do I know if he is ‘The One?’

Hi Donna,

Great question! Pay attention to how you FEEL when you are spending time with him. Are you comfortable with him? Do you feel like you can be yourself?  Does he inspire you? Can the two of you communicate clearly with one another?

Pay attention to how he speaks with you. When you share how you feel, does he then tell you how he feels? Does he judge your feelings and/or get defensive?

Real intimacy is created when we share our feelings – that’s all that intimacy is. Remember that intimacy does not require agreement. You do not have to agree on everything for him to be your Beloved, however, you do need to be able to communicate.

Do you both value the same things? 

Creating love on purpose means that you are aware of the pattern that you have had in relationships and take action to make a new choice. That new choice will lead you to the unknown. Embrace it!

You are at the beginning of the journey with this man, you don’t need to know how it “ends.” It’s like beginning a book in Chapter 1 and wanting to know what the ending is before reading on. 

Be curious about him. Be curious about yourself. Just notice what goes on inside of you when you are with him, and right after you part.  

Only time will tell if he is your Beloved, whether he is or not, you can enjoy what is happening right now, in the present moment. Everything you need to know is happening at each moment in time. 

Most importantly know this: YOU CANNOT MESS THIS UP! If he is the “Right Guy” the two of you will overcome any challenges and obstacles together. You cannot say or do the “wrong” thing with the “right” man!

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Love and Abundance,
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