This week’s question comes from Melissa:

“Dear Orna and Matthew, 

I’ve been reading your newsletter for years now and I really think that of all the relationship experts out there you two really tell it like it is, without all the hype and B.S. 

I’ve been overcome with sadness recently thinking that perhaps my soulmate doesn’t exist and that I’m being too picky… which is something my friends and family have been telling me for years. 

How do I know if I’m being too picky? That my soulmate is out there? What can I do to connect with my Beloved sooner rather than later (if he really exists). 

I thank you for your honest response and I really hope you choose my question to answer as I’m feeling like I’m way behind… I turn 40 in a couple of weeks. 

Thank you,


Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the positive feedback. We can only tell it the way we see it… our mission is to bust the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident.

We are programed from the moment we come out of the womb to expect that love will just “happen” for us. This has nothing to do with the Truth.

Your Love Imprint™ has been driving your choices in relationship from when you first started dating. Remember, your subconscious is constantly looking for a match to your experience of love as a small child.

We call ourselves “Soulmate Coaches” because we guide our clients to be in alignment with their Beloved.

Your soulmate is not one person that you must scour the earth to connect with. Ultimately, your Beloved is someone that you choose who also chooses you.

The idea of being too picky is a perplexing one because in reality, selecting someone to share your life with ought to have a selection process behind it.

There is a big difference between what we call “Date To Discover” and selecting someone for a relationship.

Our Date To Discover process involves going on many dates with a number of men so that you can discover things about yourself – blocks, patterns, and strategies that no longer serve you.

We ask that our clients go through the Date To Discover process to bring us feedback so we can dismantle the blocks, interrupt the patterns, and transform the strategies so that they are moved toward their goal of connecting with their soulmate.

Basic universal laws proclaim that simply because you DESIRE a soulmate that he is out there for you. We are not here to suffer, so what we desire is possible to achieve.

A twist on prayer, rather than asking for something is to ask God (whatever that is for you): What is it you want from me? What are you bringing me that I am not seeing?

Perception and perspective are everything on the path to long-lasting soul-satsifying love!

What you believe to be is true for you. This is the Truth of how powerful you really are.

Rather than worrying about who might be your soulmate, you may want to invest in taking the deep inner journey of truly discovering yourself. It is on the path to your highest and best self that you will connect with your Beloved.

The two of you will choose each other. It will be easy in the beginning without a lot of obstacles to overcome.

The pathway is not outside of you, rather it is inside of you to remove all of your limiting beliefs and old strategies so you can open to receive the love that is your birthright.

You came into the world as the human embodiment of the energy of love. When your behavior is in alignment with that truth all your desires are brought to fruition.

The first step is to discover the hidden blocks that are in your way and create a plan for transforming them.

Our DIY program The Soulmate Shortcut guides you through the process of discovering and transforming Your Love Imprint®. This link will send you to an in depth video that will explain much more than what we can share with you here.

The love you seek is inside of you and we would be truly honored to be your guides so you can experience this universal truth.

Love and Abundance,

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