This week’s question comes from Patricia:

“Dear Orna and Matthew,

Do you think a woman of my age, which is 57, can find true love? I am not one to go on the internet to find it.


Dear Patricia,

We picked your question this week because in 2 short sentences you described exactly why you will find it difficult to create the love you want. Let’s break it down so everyone can understand.

In the first sentence you mention your age – as if love discriminates. Sure it can seem that love comes easier to the young. More of them are single. Most of them aren’t damaged from past bad relationships. More of them are willing to “hook up” without conditions other than attraction.

Love is something that is available to all of us at any age. We have a woman in our Love On Purpose Mastery program who is 72 years old and she is learning how to create an abundance of love in her life, and bring in her Beloved. How one approaches finding love is different at different ages. You can’t use the strategies of someone 20 years younger than you. It simply will not work.

Instead you have to understand where men your age are looking for love. Are they hanging out a bar looking for the love of their life? – probably not. Most of them are online. As we get older our social circles become smaller and smaller. It becomes less likely that we will meet someone through our family or friends.

There is an amazing tool where the majority of single men your age are “hanging out” and looking for love, and you state that you’re not one to go to the internet to find love. This is like saying that you want to lose 15 lbs. but aren’t willing to exercise or make any dietary changes.

Most people are either afraid or intimidated by online dating because they don’t understand how to use it. There are dozens of experts who have figured out the best strategies for meeting great men who are interested in having a relationship. We’ve interviewed most of them on our Love On Purpose Revolution. All these resources and more are available to you.

Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10, how badly do I want to create love in my life?” We assume that you are receiving our emails because this desire is a 7 or higher. Use that motivation to overcome your limiting beliefs and let go of your prejudices about HOW you find love. Love is not more romantic because you met at the supermarket instead of on a dating site.

A great relationship does not happen by accident. It is not something you find like a dollar bill on the street. A great relationship is something you create. This is the myth that we fight every day, as it is our mission to open the masses to the concept of creating love on purpose.

We didn’t just stumble upon each other one day and fall madly in love. First we had to break our old patterns and limiting beliefs that were keeping us from love. Then we had to become clear on we really wanted – what it looked like, sounded like, and felt like. We also had to discover new strategies for meeting people and be open when we did.

We know this is available to you because of our own journey to love, and because of the abundant success stories of our clients. You are not so unique and so special that you are the exemption around having love. Love is your birthright. Get over your blocks and do what you need to do to make it happen for you.

Love and Abundance,

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