This week’s question comes from Sad and Single:

Hi Orna and Matthew,

I’m kind of embarrassed to reach out to you two because I am a coach and should be a colleague and yet my secret is that I am not in a relationship…

I know what I’m looking for in a relationship, and even though I’m always helping my own clients call in the one I haven’t been able to do this for myself.

Whew! That was hard to type out… I guess I have a lot of shame because I really believe in the coaching I was trained in and I know it works… it’s worked for a lot of people, but so far, not me.

Can you help me? I feel like I’m really I’m running out of time and that I’m running out of choices… I’m getting older and it feels scary to face the future on my own.

Just refer to me as Sad And Single. Thanks.”

Hi Sad And Single,

We wish you’d have given us another name to call you by that wasn’t your own because saying you are “sad and single” reinforces that belief.

You are not the first dating/relationship coach who has reached out to us. We’ve had many as Private Clients, and many of our clients are coaches of one kind or another.

Coaching coaches is our specialty!


We are glad you asked! Coaches are great clients for us because most:

  • Have an understanding of the coaching process.
  • Are clear on why they are stuck.
  • Are coachable and open to a new perspective.
  • Know the value of what they receive from us.

The facts are this:

When someone decides to change their life – they don’t want to wait ONE MINUTE for that transformation to begin.

Coaches instantly recognize the benefit of what we have to offer once they’ve connected directly with us for a Your Love Imprint® Session.

Feeling embarrassed or shameful that you help others call in the one and that you haven’t done that for yourself is an appropriate feeling. A part of you feels like a fraud even though you’ve helped others and you know that your skillset is beneficial. So why are you stuck still sad and single?

The answer to that question lies within you.

There is no magic way for us to know by the little tiny bit you shared in your email.

Here’s another way to think about it:

Knowing WHY is very likely something you already know.

What’s clear is that the training/certification that you have doesn’t address the problem.

For example: If you praise FREEDOM – if freedom is one of your highest values, and you have a limiting belief that you have to give up your freedom to be in a relationship… it won’t matter how many nights you set the dinner table for two – HE IS NOT COMING!

You wouldn’t allow him in.

Or you simply wouldn’t see him.

Or you’d sabotage it.

A Your Love Imprint® Session with us brings more than just clarity of why you’re stuck, you’ll also receive our expert opinion on exactly what you can do to transform it so you can let love in!

What is required to transform is unique to you because not every person is the same. In fact, each of us by design is unique – so what you may need is not equal to what someone else my need.

The system of Your Love Imprint informs us about what is required to transform it.

Your Love Imprint® is like your personal setting on your GPS For Love. It is made of three components: Your limiting beliefs, mental/emotional patterns, and behavioral strategies for giving and receiving love.

Here’s the link to apply:

We are here to be your guides to love!

Love and Abundance,