Hello Love On Purpose Community!

Today is our 7-year wedding anniversary so we decided to mix things up and instead of answering one of your questions today, we decided to share our “secrets” with you.

Often times we are surprised to hear from our friends that they think our relationship is EASY! They want what we have…

The truth is that it was very easy in the beginning. We had both transformed our blocks to love, cultivated discernment through the dating process, and were on the search for an ideal match.

Every relationship needs the SPARK of attraction and that chemical high we call “The Romance Stage” in order to create longevity in relationship. It’s like depositing “credits”into an Emotional Bank.

That way, as you move out of the Romance Stage and into the inevitable Power Struggle Stage you can make withdrawals from the reserves in your Emotional Bank.

Have we been “lucky” in love?

If you were to hear all of our heartbreak stories from our pasts you wouldn’t think so. We often say that between the two of us we’ve made just about every mistake one could make in relationship. These “mistakes” are part of our qualifications to do the work we do with our clients.

The commitment we have for one another is also a part of our commitment to our work together. We learned early on that it just isn’t possible to write a newsletter called “Love Notes Weekly” if there was some unresolved conflict between us.

Navigating through the conflicts, misunderstandings, and miscommunication that show up between us is part of our journey to grow together rather than apart. We are always willing to have the uncomfortable conversation because doing that creates more connection and more love between us.

We not only are still attracted to each other and love each other very deeply, but we are also committed to doing the work of staying connected and keeping our “sink” clean. We never let any “dirty dishes” (unresolved conflicts) pile up in our relationship sink. We focus on cleaning as we go.

We are so grateful for all of you and for your ongoing commitment to your own emotional mastery. Love is your birthright and is available for all of you. We know this because of our own journeys to each other.

When we put our skill-sets together, we created a very structured system that takes our clients through three phases:

  1. Identifying and removing blocks
  2. Stepping into your authentic self + communication tools
  3. The creation phase – crafting your unique True Soul Partnership

If you want to see what’s possible in a relatively short amount of time, watch this video from Sibylle HERE.

She started coaching with us January of this year and you can see how much has transformed for her. If you are interested in doing this deep inner work with us, the place to start is by booking a Your Love Imprint® Session with us.

We know that the love you seek is inside of you and we would be honored to be your guides to love!

Click here: to book your private session with us.

Love and Abundance,

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